Geometrical measurement

Best precision and easy operation


Flatness and level with a spin

Flatness and level made easy with a self-levelling and spinning laser
  • Measure flatness, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity and level of flanges and foundations
  • Efficient and easy one-man operation with self-leveling and rotating laser
  • Laser range dia. 200 m, sensor measurement range 70 mm
  • PC software for measurement analysis and professional reporting
  • Powerful software functionalities to compare two surfaces, e.g. in a press, and to extend the measurement range for large surfaces
  • Integrated wireless communication
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LEVALIGN expert uses a horizontally and vertically
LEVALIGN expert uses a horizontally and vertically self-leveling spinning laser with a 100-meter measurement range in conjunction with a 70-mm range sensor. It ensures easy one-man operation for wide-ranging flatness and level measurement tasks.

Wireless communication between sensor and ROTALIGN Ultra computer transfers measurement data for analysis and evaluation of surface profile.

In addition to measurement analysis and professional reporting, use ALIGNMENT CENTER, the Windows based software to measure an infinite number of points over large surfaces with the splice function and to compare surfaces on two different planes.

LEVALIGN expert is the ideal package for OEMs and companies who offer full maintenance services to improve machine running condition and productivity.

What’s new in ROTALIGN Ultra firmware version 3.12?
  • Bore application support for RS5 laser

Download the new firmware file from PRÜFTECHNIK site
Flatness and level with a spin