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Geometric measurement on your PC

One software, many possibilities
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  • Inclination
  • Parallelism
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GEO CENTER is a versatile
GEO CENTER is a versatile PC software for the geometric measurement of machine surfaces and parts. It fulfills a wide range of industrial measurement needs, ranging from measuring the flatness of a machine half casing through to checking the right angle of two machine surfaces or measuring the parallelism of the flanges of a wind turbine.

Using GEO CENTER, users can carry out the entire measurement task seamlessly from within one central software application:

  • Prepare measurement
  • Measure
  • Analyze measurement results
  • Report and archive

All the alignment engineer needs is an MS Windows PC laptop with the GEO CENTER software installed. The measurement software directly connects to the PRUFTECHNIK measurement sensor, such as the LEVALIGN, sensALIGN or INCLINEO, depending on the application. Measurement data is transmitted via Bluetooth directly from the sensor to the software, making the use of a handheld measurement device fully redundant.

Powerful features make the measurement task flexible:

  • Standard or customized templates
  • User-defined bracket offset allows high flexibility in the placement of the measurement unit
  • User-defined tolerances
  • Customizable reports
  • Import and export capabilities

GEO CENTER 1.0 Software

With the GEO CENTER demo version you get a limited version with restricted functionality:

  • Opening of existing measurement files
  • Setting up new measurements
  • Measuring with all measurement methods and features
  • 2D / 3D result view

With upgrade to GEO CENTER full version you get the full functionality:

  • Saving and exporting measurement files
  • Creating user specific reports

How to upgrade to full version: Please read the GEO CENTER online help and follow the instruction for license request and activation

Download the GEO CENTER 1.0 from PRÜFTECHNIK site
Geometric measurement of machines and assets directly on your PC