Shaft alignment

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The game-changer in laser-optical alignment

Alignment system for basically any maintenance workshop
  • Touchscreen display
  • WiFi compatible
  • Bluetooth communication between sensor head and computer
  • Water- and dustproof according to IP 65
  • shock-proof, oil, dirt and scratch resistant
  • sensALIGN 5 laser/sensor heads
  • continuous SWEEP measurement mode
  • simultaneous real-time machine corrections in both horizontal and vertical directions (Live Move)
  • automatic evaluation of the alignment condition
  • soft foot detection
  • InfiniRange
  • flip machines functionality
  • high-resolution camera
  • Upgrade laser/sensor heads to the state-of-the-art sensALIGN 7 heads
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OPTALIGN touch is an easy-to-use
OPTALIGN touch is an easy-to-use device for daily alignment jobs. Everybody can use this alignment tool since the touchscreen computer is guiding the user intuitively through the measurement program. The bright and colorful touchscreen display combined with the powerful computer on the inside make hard jobs easy without lacking any precision.

The new OPTALIGN touch alignment system consists of the touch handheld device and the PRUFTECHNIK sensALIGN 5 sensor/laser heads. This great combination opens up the world of full wireless connectivity via WiFi and cloud-based file transfer.

The sensALIGN Series technology is based on the inherent PRUFTECHNIK single laser technology providing highly precise measurement results and easiest mounting and measuring in the field. sensALIGN 5 sensors include two HD large position sensitive detectors (PSD) and MEMS inclinometers. Combined with the detector extension capability (InfiniRange), it is always possible to measure and document the initial alignment condition; no matter how big is the misalignment. Furthermore, this technology allows the simultaneous monitoring of the machine corrections in vertical and horizontal directions, starting from any angular position where the sensor comes to stop.

The OPTALIGN touch offers all well-known PRUFTECHNIK features necessary for every day alignment jobs: SWEEP mode measurement, simultaneous Live Move, InfiniRange, flip machines functionality, soft foot detection, dynamic tolerance (TolChek), thermal growth compensation and many more.

OPTALIGN touch is the game-changing device for simple, fast and daily alignment jobs of a variety of rotating machinery such as pumps, motors, gearboxes and compressors. More advanced alignment tasks like e.g. Live Trend for the measurement of machine positional changes can easily be operated with a fast and simple upgrade of the laser/sensor heads to the state-of-the-art sensALIGN 7. The whole world of PRUFTECHNIK’s intelligent alignment features then becomes available.
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