For alignment systems


Prepare, organize and document your alignment jobs the most convenient way

The central database for your plants and assets
  • Prepare file on a PC, transfer to and from the device
  • Set up file information including file and user names, company, plant, area and machine train
  • Organize files in an unlimited tree structure
  • Analyse measurement results
  • Customize measurement reports to include company information and logo
  • Back-up measurement files.
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ALIGNMENT CENTER is a Windows based software platform for all PRUFTECHNIK alignment instruments and applications. It is the perfect solution to manage your sites, plants and machines in a common database and for preparing, analysing, organising and archiving your measurement files.

All alignment and measurement specifications including thermal growth compensation, alignment presets and tolerances are saved for future use. The files can be transferred from the PC to the instrument and vice versa.

The software generates professional colour reports including photos, logos and company-specific information.
What's new in ALIGNMENT CENTER Version 2.3.3?
  • Support of sensALIGN 5 for CENTRALIGN bore alignment application
Download the ALIGNMENT CENTER Version from PRÜFTECHNIK site
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