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VIBER-A + is designed to be very easy to handle...

With high reliability and quality to a low cost!

These instrument is especially designed for service technicians, operators and overall simple tests, like fault in machines defined by to high vibration levels or to high bearing condition value.

The VIBER-A + is a portable vibrometer to be used in preventive and pro-active maintenance work, especially on rotating machinery.
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A complete set consists
A complete set consists of an instrument, soft carrying bag, a vibration transducer with magnet support.

VIBER-A + measures the velocity (mm/s RMS) in the two frequency ranges 10 - 1000 Hz or 2 Hz – maximum frequency (16000 Hz depending on version of VIBER-A + and transducer). The instrument has the capability to measure up to 40 kHz, the limiting factor is the accelerometer.

This range covers most of the frequencies that will occur for the majority of mechanical failures and defects. Examples are unbalance, looseness, resonance, misalignment of shafts, defective gear boxes and cavitation and other fluid generated vibrations.

VIBER-A + 10 - 1000 Hz is designed for companies that uses the recommendation ISO 10816-3. This standard, is used for decades around the world. The vibration alerts are supported by several vibration standards. The close comparison between vibration levels and actual machinery wear will build up your knowledge. Use this experience to determine the action required when high vibrations are found.