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The clever data collector & vibration analyzer for hazardous environments

VIBSCANNER EX is our proven data collector and vibration analyzer made for work in hazardous environments
  • ATEX zone 1 rated
  • Intuitive one-hand joystick operation
  • Integrated intrinsically safe sensors for vibration, speed and temperature measurements
  • Advanced vibration analysis functions: FFT spectrum, time wave form and recording
  • Shockproof and waterproof housing (IP65)
  • Compatible with VIBCODE transducer for automatic measurement identification
  • Optional: Field balancing
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Especially in industries
Especially in industries such as Petrochemicals or Oil and Gas, it is critical to prevent unplanned shutdowns and machine failures as it may cause extensive damage due to the explosive nature of these environments.

From data collection, vibration analysis and machine troubleshooting through to field balancing, VIBSCANNER EX is the all-rounder handheld data collector and vibration analyzer for hazardous environments. Its ATEX zone 1 rating allows you to take advantage of the versatile functionalities of the proven VIBSCANNER in explosive environmental conditions.

With OMNITREND, the universal PRUFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring software platform, measurements can be stored and analyzed. Diagnosis reports can be generated, measurement tasks can be pre-configured and uploaded to the device for route-based data collection.

As with all our data collectors and vibration analyzers, you will benefit from free software and firmware updates, and low ownership cost.
What's new in 2.02?

Phase, Balancing:
Max. values for balancing weight (99 kg), balancing radius (50 m) and number of fixed locations (360) increased. Default trigger reference edge is the 'outgoing' signal edge.

Battery icon can be hidden in the status line in order to display long machine names, etc.
The Meas. Setup name, the corresponding OMNITREND Setup ID no. and the setup parameters are shown in the Route Setup screen.
Show statistical data about the current route, e.g. last measured, no. of trains in route, etc.
The path to the measurement location can be displayed in the Task selection screen. Order of measurement task can be changed as required (as of OMNITREND version 2.32). Manual input of RPM values.

Device setup:
New Route Setup menu.

Measurement quantity (a,v,d) can be shown in the measurement icons for spectrum and time waveform.

Module ‘FFT’ and ‘Signal analysis’:
New selection screen for user-defined spectrum and time waveform measurements. AC current, AC voltage and ICP sensor selectable. FFT spectrum: RMS or 0-peak for meas. quantity selectable.

Crest factor is an additional result in the result display of overall vibration measurements. File manager: Selects either the uppermost folder or the uppermost file in the tree view when the file manager is opened.

Download the VIBSCANNER EX firmware file from PRÜFTECHNIK site
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