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High performance intrinsically safe vibration analyzer

Do you need a high-end intrinsically safe vibration analyzer for the use in explosive environments? Then VIBXPERT EX is the right choice!
  • ATEX zone 1 rated
  • Intuitive joystick operation (left and right handed)
  • Fast data collection with "trending spectra"
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Compatible with VIBCODE sensor
  • Highest resolution for in-depth analysis
  • Interface to protection systems for additional analysis
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VIBXPERT EX is a high performance
VIBXPERT EX is a high performance, intrinsically save, fully featured data collector, vibration analyzer and field balancer for easy condition monitoring and troubleshooting of rotating equipment in explosive environments such as petrochemical plants, refineries, offshore oil rigs, etc.

VIBXPERT EX collects field data including vibration information, bearing condition, inspection and process data and seamlessly integrates with the OMNITREND CENTER software platform.

The modular firmware structure allows you to upgrade the VIBXPERT EX from a route data collector to a full-blown troubleshooting device with advanced features such as coast down/run-up measurements, event recording, ODS & modal analysis and cross-channel phase measurement.

It is also possible to connect the VIBXPERT EX to protection systems via the buffered outputs. This enables you to perform additional analysis such as shaft vibration, shaft centerline plots or orbits e.g. on turbines, compressors and other turbomachinery.

As with all our data collectors and vibration analyzers, you will benefit from free software and firmware updates, and low ownership cost.
What's new in VIBXPERT version 2.33?
Support for new processor and memory revision Support of mainboard hardware status 14X and 15X

- Reset status of measurement tasks to 'unmeasured'.
All measurement tasks below the current hierarchy level are set to "unmeasured". Old results are retained and new results are added.

- Low pass filter can be activated. The filter frequency (1kHz or 10kHz) depends on the start and stop speeds.
- When using time-synchronous averaging, the speed deviation is checked and the averaging function is discontinued if the deviations become too large.
- If the ESC button is pressed, a confirmation prompt appears to prevent the unintentional discontinuation of measurement with the loss of data.

Phase measurement:
- The reference edge of the trigger signal is now adjustable for phase calculation.
The signal edge of either the incoming or outgoing trigger mark can be selected as the reference.

- Higher maximum input values for weight (500 kg) and radius (100m).

- New firmware module 'E registration' provides route-based data collection, timewaveform and FFT analysis

Download the VIBXPERT II firmware file from PRÜFTECHNIK site
High performance intrinsically safe vibration analyzer